Lindsay Lohan


I don’t know about you, but spying on my buddy’s sister while she was in the shower was my favorite past-time. She was a red head just like Lindsey Lohan. She had a nice body and a wonderful rack for her age. Watching Lindsey in Mean Girls brought me back to those wonderful years.

When the movie came to DVD I had two options. I could a) buy the DVD at the Walmart price and still end up paying $18, or b) I could get a membership to and pay $19.95 for every scene Lindsey Lohan has ever been nude, almost nude or just really damn sexy in!

Not only that… With my Mr Skin membership I could also see every other actress that has ever made a sexy few minutes worth of video!  The list is rather large, but I can sum it up for you. How about a scantily clad Jennifer Love Hewitt, or some upskirt pink panties with Leelee Sobieski, or Jennifer Aniston in a very skimpy bikini, or Hue Hefner’s old fling and Hank Baskett’s wife Kendra Wilkinson? Jessica Biel in clingy panties and a lace bra? Or, how about going really old school? Back to the beginning of porn with Marilyn Chambers?

If it is on film Mr Skin has it. If it gave you a boner has it. So, you have two choices… Buy every DVD that ever gave you a boner and get used to fast forwarding to the good parts or grab a Mr Skin password and start enjoying just the sexy parts!