Three-Time Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Turned To Prostitution

Suzy Favor Hamilton, a three-time Olympian and star in several advertising campaigns, including a controversial Nike ad that debuted during the 2000 Summer Games, has recently come out about having lived a double life has an elite call girl for the Haley Heston Private Collection escort agency. She stated that depression over having not won a medal that could be dedicated to the memory of her deceased brother as a major driving force behind picking up a compulsion to do something “different” with her life. Hamilton, an athletic blonde, was a favorite of advertisers during her participation in the Summer Olympics. Since having been exposed for leading a double life as an elite escort Hamilton has been shunned by those same advertisers including Disney who banned her from competing in their own marathon.

She looks smoking hot in this Pert Plus commercial.

As a call girl Suzy commanded a $600 an hour rate. She states that she was not in it for the money. Which is a claim made by most women who are in the profession. For them the excitement of having somebody find you alluring is worth much more than the money. Despite working under the pseudonym Kelly Lundy her double life was eventually exposed by a former client of her escorting services. Apparently she wasn’t shy about telling her clients who she really was – trusting that they would keep her secret.

Hamilton’s husband and business partner Mark Hamilton was totally aware of her double life as an escort and wished that she would end her call girl career. They have a daughter together and were the spitting image of a good American family according to their neighbors.

How many more pseudo-celebrities are living a double life as an escort? Time to head to Las Vegas and find out. At least you get something for dropping $600 on an escort. Those one armed bandits at the casinos won’t even give you a blowjob, whereas an escort will do so much more!