Just Tell Her What You’re In The Mood For

I don’t know how I ever would’ve gotten through my first divorce if it wasn’t for webcams. I would get extremely lonely and end up at a bar trying to carry a conversation with chicks that I had no interest in whatsoever. I would be so desperate for female interaction that I found myself constantly settling. I couldn’t tell you how many walks of shame I made in those first few months. I knew I had to find something better. 

That’s when I discovered webcams and the fact that I could live chat with pornstar Jenny Couture. It’s completely up to me what kind of experience we have. There are times that I’m simply lonely and want conversation, and that’s perfectly fine with her. She talks to me and keeps me from being depressed and lonely. When I’m horny she’s always ready and willing to either put on an intimate solo show or get more intense. She leaves it completely up to me and I really appreciate that. Her specialty is BDSM, so that’s always fun.