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There’s many fine things in this world that I love to do, one of my favorite things to do is watch free egyptian porn movies. I only actually started doing this the other day as I wasn’t even aware that you could find Egyptian sex videos online. Now I honestly can’t get enough of them, I’ve already watched at least 20 or so xxx videos today. Lucky for me Pax Tube has loads of them, otherwise I might miss out

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When American Beauty came out it was a smash hit. Movies goers had their reasons for watching the film, but lets face it, guys were just interested in seeing Mena Suvari topless and running around in her skimpy panties. For the most part director Sam Mendes was able to capture the sexual tension that exists between a teenage daughter’s friends and a father who is going through a midlife crisis. Watch the best sex scenes in Hollywood on Sure

DP Porn Edit To Katy Perry Dark Horse Video

Double penetration porn and Katy Perry are like a match made in heaven. Little did this pop star know the porn world would twist her Egyptian themed video for her hit song “Dark Horse” into a pornographic wonder. While it won’t be making its way into the Library of Congress as a treasure of the United States of America it is certain to make it into the favorites of users on This video lends credence to the idea some

Billionaire MILF Sue Ann Hamm Ready For Suitors

When a billionaire like Harold Hamm gets divorced it is time to pucker up and prepare to get screwed in the ass as the wife goes for half. In this case half turned into a pittance when compared to his net worth of over $17 billion USD. His now ex-wife Sue Ann Hamm was awarded $995 million dollars at the recent finalization of their drawn out divorce. That means one of you gold digging cubs can come into a nice

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I don’t like eating the crusts of the bread when I eat a sandwich. I prefer just the meaty parts. Who wants dry, flavorless crusts anyway? I also feel the same way when it comes to moves. I want to see hot babes in bikinis without the rest of the drama and bad acting. So I enjoy where I can get right to the meaty parts and leave all of the saucy crap on the cutting room floor. In

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Love him or hate him Ron Jeremy has dipped his nine inch cock into more pussy than most gynecologists see in their careers. Ron has lent his talents and his likeness to Meet and Fuck Games to create an interactive porn game experience like no other. Be the star and bang the hottest babes in porn with The Legend of Porn! hosts the free porn games. There are currently over one hundred games available for you to play for

Three-Time Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Turned To Prostitution

Suzy Favor Hamilton, a three-time Olympian and star in several advertising campaigns, including a controversial Nike ad that debuted during the 2000 Summer Games, has recently come out about having lived a double life has an elite call girl for the Haley Heston Private Collection escort agency. She stated that depression over having not won a medal that could be dedicated to the memory of her deceased brother as a major driving force behind picking up a compulsion to do something “different”

Zac Efron Pics Making Waves On Gay Sites

You don’t have to be gay to know that Zac Efron is a hot guy. He has been making a name for himself in blockbuster movies with his tussled hair, hot blue eyes and his physic. What he probably didn’t know is that he is also making a name for himself on sites that feature gay porn pictures. Take the babes out of the photos and you can see why gay men are falling just as much in love, if

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Being a celebrity is nice. You get your pick of women to fuck whenever you want to get laid. You don’t even have to try since women are literally throwing themselves at you. There is a website out there that can level the playing field between you and the leading men on the BBC. It is called I Want U and it will help you to get as much UK pussy as a leading celebrity. Sex dating in the UK

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This girl is a real treat. She looks like blonde Hollywood celebs like Farrah Fawcett and Meg Ryan. With some clever makeup and hair changes she really looks the part. Ask SloaneCam to show you her Sleepless In Seattle orgasm impression. Very hot! There aren’t many cam girls out there with this much talent. You might want to take full advantage of it before she takes her show to the Vegas strip. She really is that good. Guys like

Celebrities Caught Buying Escorts And Prostitutes

Over the past decade or so there has been a rash of very successful celebrities getting caught with escorts and prostitutes. Usually they are caught in Los Angeles, like Hugh Grant when he was arrested for receiving a blowjob from Divine Brown. Some, like Charlie Sheen, are outed when less than professional women run escort services, such as Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood Madam. Money doesn’t make you immune from your desires. Neither does having a smoking hot wife or a

Sara Tommasi Out Without Her Panties On

I am not sure what Sara Tommasi was thinking when she hit the town without any panties on. Surely she is well aware of the fact that Paparazzi would be snapping a photo of her crotch as she exited her car. It is basically standard practice these days. Which makes me wonder if she did this on purpose. What better way to add to your fan base than to show them how soft and smooth you keep your pussy? I

Splash With Daryl Hannah Shows Up On Porn Tubes

I grew up salivating over dirty blonde celebrity Daryl Hannah in the movie Splash. Her character plays a modern date mermaid. She eventually gets legs and fucks her costar pretty hard. Thinking back I can’t believe my parents let me see what amounted to being softcore porn. Porn tubes like have started carrying clips of her fucking scenes along with those of many other actresses. You have to wonder if it is a Hollywood stunt to revive on demand

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Have you ever thought to yourself, "Shit, man. I sure wish I could chat live with a porn star as hot and sexy as Nikita Von James," only to find out she wanted nothing to do with you? Well, stop thinking like that. Nikita wants everything to do with you and she is going to prove it. You can chat live with her and dozens of other porn stars or, you can just stick with her wince her show is

Nude Pics Of Miley Cyrus Turn Up On Twitter

Celebrated nude photographer Terry Richardson updated his Twitter account recently with some very racy photos of Miley Cyrus wearing some very revealing articles of clothing. In some photos she is wearing only a pair of fishnet pantyhose those not only show off the curves of her Mons Venus, but also leave a nipple exposed. In yet more photos of her she is in a red leotard that leaves nothing to the imagination. Then it gets capped off with a see