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I don’t like eating the crusts of the bread when I eat a sandwich. I prefer just the meaty parts. Who wants dry, flavorless crusts anyway? I also feel the same way when it comes to moves. I want to see hot babes in bikinis without the rest of the drama and bad acting. So I enjoy where I can get right to the meaty parts and leave all of the saucy crap on the cutting room floor.

cameron diaz and demi moore kissing scene

In this shot from Charlie’s Angels we find Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore almost sharing an on screen kiss. So close yet so far. I actually had to move my girlfriends hand from off of my thigh when I saw this in the theater because I was afraid my cock was going to grow and bump into her!

jessica alba into the blue

Mr Skin has every topless, sexy or completely nude scene every Hollywood actress has ever done. There is an extensive community there that lets you know incites on movies where there was on screen nudity that was missed. Apparently there was a lot of stuff missed back in the days of black and white film that would have had censors turning over in their graves.

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