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DP Porn Edit To Katy Perry Dark Horse Video

Double penetration porn and Katy Perry are like a match made in heaven. Little did this pop star know the porn world would twist her Egyptian themed video for her hit song “Dark Horse” into a pornographic wonder. While it won’t be making its way into the Library of Congress as a treasure of the United States of America it is certain to make it into the favorites of users on This video lends credence to the idea some

Stock Up On The Best Porn Parodies This Holiday Season

When it comes to the holidays I am one of those givers who spares no expense. Good thing for me and my pocket book the kind folks at Digital Playground are practically giving away the best porn parodies ever created. Digital goes the extra mile to make their porn parodies top notch. No expense is too great, no detail is spared. They have become synonymous with the word quality and yet somehow I had forgotten about them this year. It