Monthly Archives: July 2015

Michelle Hunziker Having Some Fun Washing Cars

Never put it past those nutty Italians to come up with sexy concepts for TV programs. In the above photo you can see actress and TV personality Michelle Hunziker washing a car while wearing tight yoga pants. The show she was on had hot babes racing each other to wash cars. Things get very wet and very slippery. Often the white clothing they are wearing turns see thru as the show progresses. I would never have found this photo without

Kim Kardashian’s Ultimate Amateur Interracial Sex Tape

I never really thought about it, until I found Kim’s sex tape on a free tube called, but this girl has made the ultimate amateur interracial sex tape. I have to wonder, though, how does any man with any business sense make a million dollar deal with this bitch and not think about her sucking on a big black cock? If you were to ask me I would say that the whole entire family is completely fucked up! Tune