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Men volunteering to go

There has been a lot of Gossip about men from all over the world taking one for the team by volunteering to go on business trips to Australia for their businesses. While some might consider going to Australia a bit of a dream, doing so for business reasons means leaving ones family for an extended period of time and enduring long flights. Things aren’t all bad for these men though. In volunteering they often get some kind of bonus to

Watch Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

I think it is safe to say what I have been saying all along. Those Sixteen and Pregnant and Teen Mom shows are no good and they are turning America’s children into sluts! Don’t believe me? Have you seen what Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has been doing lately? Over and over again her slut riddled life keeps ending up in the news and on celebrity gossip sites. Now she is releasing a sex tape! This isn’t some shitty, grainy

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom Porno

Could you even imagine being this girls mother or father? I think I would lock this little bitch in the basement and throw away the key. Who does she think she is? Jenna Jameson? She might not be no Jenna Jameson, but she sure is a hot piece of ass. Her name is Farrah Abraham and her claim to fame is a show called Teen Mom. It is one of those shows on TV where the girls get pregnant at