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Paris Hilton Daddy’s Little Slut

Looking for free porn clips online? I found a large cache of both teaser clips and entire movies. The site is called Bedroom Media and it is loaded with everything a growing cock needs to blow up! If you haven’t seen One Night in Paris you don’t know what you are missing. So I will spell it out for you. Imagine your daddy is the grandson of a very wealthy hotel magnate. Now imagine the entire family is watching daddy’s

Heidi Montag Sex Tape

Well, it remains to be seen if we will ever see a Heidi Montag sex tape or if one even exists at all. Steven Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment (the people that make all of those porn DVD’s you love so much) has flown to meet Spencer Pratt (Heidi’s ex-husband) to ask Spencer to cough up some footage. It has been reported that Spencer is holding out for no less than $5 Million dollars and if anybody can foot that bill