How to be more methodical on with a Sex Finder site?

Fuckfinder sites, as you could probably tell, is supposed to be an X-rated version of Facebook. No big mystery there. In fact, this is just one site in a long laundry list of sites that try to put a sexual spin on Facebook and I wish could tell you that all these websites are raging successes, but they’re not. At least most of them are not, with the exception of

The reason why coming up with an adult version of Facebook is more complicated than people realize is because the dynamics are different. You now, when you go on Facebook and you date a chick that a friend of a friend knows, that date better work out. You both better walk away all happy with each other because the moment drama appears, it’s going to be a disaster. Seriously.

No other words would do justice to the experience because it’s going to blow up in your face and the worst part to all of this is that you saw it coming. The worst part is you fucking brought it on yourself. Because as the old saying goes, you don’t shit where you eat. And that’s exactly what’s happening when you date people who other people in your social network know. And once they start posting all sorts of negative shit around you, shit fucking basically spreads like wildfire.

Now, you might think that given all the unnecessary drama on Facebook, places like Fuckfinder sites would be a fucking slam dunk. I mean, after all, these online adult social websites are supposed to give you the Facebook experience without the bullshit drama of Facebook. Well, that’s how it’s built. That’s how it’s sold.

But unfortunately, that’s not how it operates because let’s face it, a lot of guys are little bitches. Seriously. A lot of guys really look like they have penises, but they actually have vaginas because they get all emotional once they have sex and they’re the ones who talk because they feel that the chick just fucked them and left them.

Can you imagine that shit? A guy complaining that he got fucked and left by a chick. Get over yourself bro. There are better things to do out there so if you want to be more methodical on Fuckfinder sites, you need to fucking get control of your emotions and just know that it’s all about anonymous action and little else. If you’re completely okay with that on an emotional, psychological, and physical level, then you’re good to go. If there is any kind of hesitation on your part, you probably are not ready for it.