Natalie Blake hell’s kitchen bikini


The Blue Team got an injection of beauty when Natalie became their only female member. As it turns out Natalie Blake from Hell’s Kitchen is quite the lush when she gets drunk. After spending a day on a yacht drinking with the boys this blonde bombshell gets a little loose!


…and the boys were happy with that too, Natalie!


It seems the boys couldn’t control themselves once they got a little liquor in them and Natalie Blake started showing some skin in the tiny black bikini!


As the guys snapped away Natalie showed them her ass. Turns out the view wasn’t a bad one either!


Back at the house, and still plastered, Natalie Blake poses for some tawdry photos for Jonathon. I have a feeling this guy will be cherishing these pics for many a night!


As the modeling session went on the pics got wilder and wilder!



And then Natalie Blake dropped the bomb!


Leaving me to wonder, is this what Hell’s Kitchen has become? Was Gordon Ramsey OK with this? Was it a decision made by somebody over his head?

Anyway… Natalie Blake sure looks good in her bikini!