Get Sexy Selfies Sent To You With This Amazing Trick


Kim Kardashian (43)

This amazing pussy belongs to Kim Kardashian. Or should I say that it belongs to Kanye West? Either way it is a shining example of the kinds of pictures you can have sent to your cell phone or Email address on a daily basis for free from REAL hotties all over the world. This amazing trick will not only get you more pussy on your mobile devices, it will also get you more pussy planted right on your cock!

How? First you are going to want to join a dating site that caters to casual relationship fuck buddies. You most likely have heard of these sites before. Often they tell you they can give you the moon with a free account, but that is a load of crap. The average service will set you back about $30 a month or so. But for that price you will get real amateur porn and get laid quite possibly as well.

To get started join one of the friends with benefits sex buddy dating sites on that link. Then one you are in you have two decisions to make. You can either make a fake profile or a real one. Fake ones will get you the most pics and videos. Simply go online to and look up hot guys selfies. Try to find a page where a guy has put up multiple and preferably some clothed and unclothed. Add them to your profile and talk about how you are on hiatus right now from a big traveling assignment, but normally you globe trot all over the world and often take hotties with you on your travels.

Armed with your profile that begs ladies to contact you instead of the other way around you can now bate them into sending you sexy selfies in order to “win” a spot next to you in first class on your next globe trotting trip. It might also help if this dude who’s life you hijacked has selfies at places like Cabo San Lucas or other beachy places you can bullshit the ladies into believing are in the Bahamas.

If you go the real profile route I will have more info on that in my next post!