The difference between a sex doll factory and an agent

Many sex doll lovers, when shopping for realistic TPE sex dolls, all want to buy directly from the sex doll brand factory website, thinking that the price is lower and the quality will be better. As for after-sales service may also not be considered.

Most of the agent sites and factory sites are the same price, full body size TPE sex dolls are large items are basically sold by agents. Compared to the factory, agents have a wider selection of doll models and styles, like freckle TPE sex doll, small boobs sex doll.

A few factories do appear to be a little more expensive than the price at the factory, but the price difference is not significant, compared to the complete after-sales service these can be completely ignored. The regular factories will require a uniform selling price to avoid a price war and disrupt the market.

Compared to dolls sold on agency websites, factory websites will encounter more risks when buying, such as returns, inconspicuous micro-imperfections, or inventory that is a bit long in the tooth. Agent sites have professional sales and after-sales teams that deal with a lot of customer feedback every day and have a wealth of experience in the industry. Whereas a factory will only care about production. We need someone to help us screen out the high quality dolls, and then provide us with perfect service and after-sales service, which can only be done by doll agency sites, such as uxdoll from a large number of sex dolls to screen out the widely acclaimed premium TPE sex doll.

In addition, it is important to note that if there is a particularly low price such as $400 or even lower, you need to pay special attention and be careful with your order! Like uxdoll under 1000usd sex doll series that has numerous users’ praise, and special sale sex dolls that the cheapest doll only costs $699.